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June 27, 2012
Ranch House

Closer than San Diego. Cooler than Everywhere.

113.112.112.  Degrees that is. And those are forecasted temperatures in Phoenix and Tucson this week.

But you might recall there is a place closer than San Diego and cooler than anywhere that beats the heat better than any place. 

The forecast this week at Hidden Meadow Ranch in the White Mountains?  Mid to upper 70's.  We might even peak in the low 80's.

With a beautiful setting, cozy cabins and terrific chef what are you waiting for?  Celebrate this 4th of July in beautiful weather doing lots of fun activities and eating some of the best meals you have had in awhile.

We hope to see you soon.

Come see us at Hidden Meadow Ranch—the accommodations are exquisite and our staff is here to make everything just perfect. If you would like to escape to HMR, visit our Web site at Or you may contact us by phone at (928) 333-1000 or our toll-free number (866) 333-4080.